Significant Connections When we look at texts and specifically texts of the same genre it is common that we find significant connections and these links between texts are able to make us understand the texts in a more complex way. The four texts that I will study and make connections between are, “Nineteen Eighty Four” by […]

Another key idea that George Orwell is making us think about through the text is the idea that humans value convenience over their own privacy.  This idea makes itself extremely clear throughout the text and by making us think about it rather than just telling us, the warning from Orwell, I believe, becomes all the more […]

Texts that deserve our attention are those that challenge our thinking.  Minority Report, directed by Stephen Spielberg, through the implication of complex ideas, does in fact challenge our thinking.  The ideas that Society needs protection from evil and that our right to privacy is not more important than our safety, through the use of visual […]

Audio Notes: Radio talk. “copy” “roger” Authoritive talk.  Officer_______ Music building to suspense Yelling, stopped with the screeching of spiders Music, calming to loud and confronting Silence, only footsteps Music building back up Unhappy crowds   Visual Notes: Nice building, lighting makes it look old Helicopter, screens present in both helicopter and on officers spider […]

What is the point in preserving our waterways if it means that in the future people are going to go hungry?  I believe that the intensification of farming and the practices involved with farming are going to need to increase significantly in the next decade in order for the world to keep revolving. Between the […]

People should be qualified to comment on the way of farming in NZ. Dairy farmers are polluting rivers.  It is this statement that we have all heard and through the media constantly hammering the idea it is no surprise that a large majority of New Zealanders have come to believe it.  What I find hard to […]