What is the point in preserving our waterways if it means that in the future people are going to go hungry.  I believe that the intensification of farming and the practices involved with farming are going to need to increase significantly in the next decade in order for the world to keep revolving. Statistic about […]

People should be qualified to comment on the way of farming in NZ. Dairy farmers are polluting rivers.  It is this statement that we have all heard and through the media constantly hammering the idea it is no surprise that a large majority of New Zealanders have come to believe it.  What I find hard to […]

Hi Sam, I expect you know all about this – but just in case, I thought I’d send you to this article about mega-farming in the UK. Just in case it helps with your creative piece.

        Although there was no real records, the industry was said to have turned between the years 2025 and 2030.  Due to huge increases in the climate and the extreme pollution of the rivers the people voted in the Green Party and the effects were devastating.  First all dairy farming was banned […]

There was nothing apart from rubbish. The air smelled of decayed food. There was nothing apart from rubbish which meant the air smelled of decayed food.   The man walked alone. The man wheeled a trolley containing all his possessions. The man, who wheeled a trolley with all his possessions, walked alone.

Turn alarm off 7:30 Have a shower Have 4 weet-bix pack up bag leave house, walk to school Florida Georgia Lines ‘May we All’ woke me from my deep sleep.  The feel of pain as I kick my gumboots that had been carelessly left in the middle of my room while grabbing my towel.  Head to the shower […]