4th September 2017

Minority Report Notes

Audio Notes:

Radio talk. “copy” “roger”

Authoritive talk.  Officer_______

Music building to suspense
Yelling, stopped with the screeching of spiders
Music, calming to loud and confronting
Silence, only footsteps
Music building back up
Unhappy crowds


Visual Notes:

Nice building, lighting makes it look old

Helicopter, screens present in both helicopter and on officers

spider like creatures to ID everyone

children, panicking mum

yellow filter

broken glass and run down buildings

couple fighting

stop to get ID’d then continue

towel under door.  HE knows what is going to occur

dark bathroom, bathtub is glowing

bubble emerging from nose, alerts spiders of his presence

angry citizens

electric shocks

slowly lifting bandage and then painfully opening eye

futuristic weapon


Birds-eye view camera technique analysis:

In the Spider Scene in Minority Report a birds eye camera view is used.  The camera is above the building that that the residents occupy but instead of seeing a roof we see down into their personal lives.  As the camera moves around the complex we see people engaging in activities where they are the most vulnerable.  We see one couple having sex and another fighting and the reason that Spielberg has used this camera angle is to show the audience the lack of privacy and control these people have.  Ironically as we watch the spider-like creatures breach the privacy of every individual in the building we are doing the same thing.  Our view from above being similar to a surveillance camera, capturing every moment.  An element of fear is also implemented through this control the authorities have.  A police officer, who should be a protective figure, says, “if you don’t want your kids to know terror, keep them away from me.”  The continuous shot allows us to see into different peoples lives at the same point in time and we see that no matter the event that is occurring, the state always maintains an aspect of control.

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