6th June 2017

Morning Routines

  1. Turn alarm off 7:30
  2. Have a shower
  3. Have 4 weet-bix
  4. pack up bag
  5. leave house, walk to school

Florida Georgia Lines ‘May we All’ woke me from my deep sleep.  The feel of pain as I kick my gumboots that had been carelessly left in the middle of my room while grabbing my towel.  Head to the shower and the familiar sight of the bright bathroom lights and the sound of the loud bathroom fan are suddenly present as I flick the light switch.  The smell of the blue top milk as it hits my weet-bix then the familiar smell of the combo of milk sugar and yogurt.  Taste is the same as it always is, the gooey texture of the yogurt and the dry sticky feel of the weet-bix create a weird sensation.  I unplug my computer, the light on the charger signifying that it has been charging all night



“Florida Georgia Lines, May we all,” sounded more faint and not as empowering as it usually does.  As I reached over to turn it off I felt the unfamiliar feel of the hard, icy desk rather than the soft texture of my phone.  There was also something about the light.  The usual soft glow was replaced with utter darkness which, considering my broken curtain, was a strange sight.  The

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