13th June 2017

Dystopia with Relative clauses





Although there was no real records, the industry was said to have turned between the years 2025 and 2030.  Due to huge increases in the climate and the extreme pollution of the rivers the people voted in the Green Party and the effects were devastating.  First all dairy farming was banned but immediate economic stress forced the government to rethink its policy and implement these giant sheds with the thinking that if the animals apparently responsible for this pollution and global warming were kept off the ground and away from waterways then the world could be sustained.  It had all failed, but because of the sums of money put into this project and the money coming out of the operation the government left it.  From this date onward things got worse.  More sheds were built, more people were forced into labour and the government became more corrupt.   The reason that the details surrounding past events are so shady is because its not important.  To the stereotypical man, working day in day out, the past was irrelevant, any thoughts or worries about the world were concealed under a thick layer of dirt, cow shit and ignorance.








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The baron, yet full of colour, street was desolate.  The towering buildings now inhabited and



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