26th September 2017

Significant Connections

Unifying Idea: Nineteen Eighty Four Minority Report The Matrix Poem
Control Thoughts/Actions
Controlling State
Anti-hero character
Manipulation of Language
State vs. Individual- Privacy

Write a statement that expands on one of these ideas:

Idea: That a population can be controlled without them knowing it.

In all of the dystopia’s that we have studied a common theme and idea that occurs is that a population is controlled.  In all of the texts we can see that people and organisations have been brainwashed to accept this state of control and because they then accept this way of life as the norm, they are controlled without knowing.  It is only through the presence of the main anti-hero character in all these texts, who is troubled and fights the system, that we are even aware that there is an element of corruption.


Idea: That a population can be controlled without them knowing it.

Text: Nineteen Eighty Four

In the text the proles (average working class) are controlled.  Through the brainwashing done by the state and through the party’s implementation of authorities such as the thought police the understanding the people have is that they are meant to fear the government but they are unaware that they are in fact under control.



Text: Minority report

In the text the population are also controlled while unaware.



Text: The Matrix



When we look at texts and specifically texts of the same genre it is common that we find significant connections and the links between texts are able to make us understand the texts in a more complex way. The four texts that I will study and make connections between are, “Nineteen Eighty Four” by George Orwell, “Minority Report” by Stephen Spielberg, “The Matrix” by the Wachowskis and “…….” by ……… As all these texts are of the same genre, dystopian, the list of connections is huge.  The one major connection however, is that all of these texts are able to control the population without the population knowing it.

Nineteen Eighty Four is a novel that is set in the near future, thus making it a dystopia.  The working class population are known as the proles and they are able to be controlled without knowing it.  Through the party placing them in a state of fear they are unaware of the control that the place

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