17th August 2017


What is the point in preserving our waterways if it means that in the future people are going to go hungry?  I believe that the intensification of farming and the practices involved with farming are going to need to increase significantly in the next decade in order for the world to keep revolving.

Between the years of 2012 and 2014 the United Nations food and agriculture organisation estimated that there were approximately 795 million people, one in nine, suffering from chronic undernourishment.

The solution to this problem when faced with the facts is rather simple. More intense farming operations. If the amount of meat and dairy exports is boosted, food is made more available to these starving people. The effects that this intensification of farming will have are not as negative as made. It is only due to people such as James Shaw, leader of the green party, lying to the media that people have this perception.

The reason that farming is not already intensive and effective is because of the inevitable negatives that is has on the environment, effects that I’m sure you have all heard about. But when we look at the big picture is their really a point in preserving our land and our resources when the problems in other parts of the world are on another level.

What I find difficult to understand is that why there are individuals and organisations in our own country who are quick to place the blame on farmers. The people speaking up about issues such as water pollution are unqualified and having no farming background means that they are unaware of the consequences we will be faced with should farming not become more intensive.

When we look at the things that the greenies are trying to save and compare it to the masses effected by the global food crisis it is a joke. Should we really be protecting the rivers so James can swim on his day off if it means that 795 million people are starving in other countries? Personally I would rather be well fed and not suffer from the cruel pain of being hungry than be able to swim in the rivers would you?

What the greenies are not able to comprehend is that the intensification of farming does not have to effect the environment and the people in a negative way. Feed pads and indoor farming setups are able to collect the detrimental nutrients before they enter the waterways and the number of New Zealand farms could be tripled with the rivers still staying in a reasonable condition.

Some of you may be thinking, why farming? Why not find a replacement for the meat and dairy and have both well-nourished people and a river that Jim can swim in. The answer is that meat has no replacement and scientists have found that our health can be significantly damaged should we not consume it.

Think about this, if meat isn’t an essential food for healthy living then why was the human body set up to process meat.  Our combination of incisor and molar teeth are only present to tear and grind the meat before consumption.  The protein that we as humans gain from this meat intake is vital for human growth and development.

Protein is used for things such as repairing tissues. The fact that protein is a macronutrient means that your body needs a lot of it to remain healthy.  If the human body could survive in a healthy state, eating only vegetables then our digestive system would be set up in the same way as a cows, with 4 stomachs to break down plant material.

It is all very well for us to sit back and drink our fancy protein shakes and be content with life but what about the masses in the countries that don’t have these resources. Is it fair to say that because we have an abundance of supplements and don’t need meat that others don’t?

To sum it up, it is hard to see life where there isn’t a supermarket down the road and there isn’t a selection of food at home every day. The harsh reality is that for 795 million people these conveniences are not even an option and because they don’t have the education or the resources to change their situation, nothing is going to change.

I honestly believe that we can go without the luxuries that we have in our lives and we can get over the fact that our rivers won’t be around be around forever but if it means that millions of people can eat enough to live a healthy life then why would we not intensify farming in New Zealand.

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